2018 Food and Health Survey

Blog entry | Jul 12 2018

Food safety is often top-of-mind for consumers when making food purchases in stores and restaurants.

Blog entry | Jun 21 2018

What makes you pick one type of cereal, juice, bread or milk over another while you are shopping?

Blog entry | Jun 08 2018

As both a food-loving and food-phobic society, Americans have a tendency to obsess over certain foods and diet trends—vilifying them after they lose their allure and championing them anew when they

Blog entry | Jun 06 2018

As humans, we want to make sense of our decisions, habits and surroundings.

Data & Survey | May 16 2018

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation’s 2018 Food and Health Survey marks the 13th time the IFIC Foundation has surveyed American consumers to understand their perce