Press Release | Mar 24 2015

Pictured are David B. Schmidt (L), president and CEO of the International Food Information Council, and Dr.

Blog entry | Mar 20 2015

Originally posted Feb. 12, 2015

Press Release | Mar 20 2015

Recent publications by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and Consumer Reports question the safety of consuming conventionally grown fruits, vegetables, and foods containing crops grow

Blog entry | Mar 20 2015

Originally posted Nov. 21, 2014

Blog entry | Feb 11 2015

It's hard to see headlines about vaccinations and not think about another promising technology for humans: biotechnology. But the analogies only go so far.

Blog entry | Feb 05 2015

“To turn caring into action, we need to see a problem, find a solution, and deliver impact.”- Bill Gates

Blog entry | Jan 26 2015

Headlines on the latest consumer survey popped up all over my feeds this week.

Blog entry | Nov 17 2014

In 1983, the first scientific report on the development of genetically engineered (GE or food biotechnology, also inaccurately referred to as GMOs) plant cells was published

Blog entry | Nov 12 2014

Lately, the use of the word 'natural' has become the source of much public debate, since the definition can vary by product, as opposed to terms like 'organic' that have a standardized definition. 

Press Release | Oct 27 2014

Foods Containing Ingredients Produced using Biotechnology are as Safe as Conventional

Blog entry | Oct 02 2014

Consumer Reports did wonders for me when I was buying my first appliances.

Blog entry | Jul 31 2014

Neil deGrasse Tyson, speaker of some of our favorite science quotes (especially the one above!), shared his take on "the attention that genetically modified foods are receiving," "artificial select

Blog entry | Jul 28 2014

Last week, a "hit list" site emerged calling for violent attacks on both journalists and scienti