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Blog entry | Jun 18 2015

Almost 6 in 10 Americans rate themselves as either in very good or excellent health, but over half of the Americans who rated themselves as either in very good or excellent health are overweight or

Press Release | Jun 12 2015

(Washington, D.C., June 12, 2015) — Nutrition facts labels will soon have a whole new look, but concerns are emerging about how consumers will interpret and apply them.

Blog entry | Jun 09 2015

As I dietetic intern preparing for my RD exam this summer, I was excited to participate in the Food and Health Survey Webinar on June 3, 2015.  We typically generalize what we think Americans want

Continuing Professional Education | May 31 2015

On Wednesday, June 3, from 2 - 3 pm ET, we held the 2015 Food & Health Survey Webcast for Health and Wellness Professionals. Stay tuned for a webinar recording on this page!

Blog entry | May 26 2015

How do Americans prioritize their health? Check out the consumer survey data! See how Americans would use extra time and extra money, and how much time they spend on their meals.


Data & Survey | May 08 2015

The 2015 Food & Health Survey: Consumer Attitudes toward Food Safety, Nutrition & Health, marks the 10th anniversary of an ongoing investigation into the beliefs and beh

Press Release | Mar 25 2015

(Washington, D.C.) -  International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation Senior Vice President of Nutrition and Food Safety Marianne Smith Edge, MS, RD, LD, FADA provided oral commen

Press Release | Mar 24 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to offer comments today.

Blog entry | Mar 20 2015

Originally posted Feb. 12, 2015

Blog entry | Mar 17 2015

Why do we eat the way that we do?

Blog entry | Jan 29 2015

You probably thought you could escape all of the “Deflategate” drama surrounding the Super Bowl by reading a food and nutrition blog.

Millennials and Food
Article | Oct 16 2014

This report presents the results of six focus groups with Millennials about their nutrition knowledge and behavior.

Blog entry | Aug 15 2014

Sugar. How did this simple carbohydrate become a substance that generates such complex conversations and polarizing opinions?

Press Release | Aug 01 2014

(Washington, D.C. August 1, 2014) − The International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation today shared consumer attitudinal research and insights to the U.S.

Blog entry | Jul 14 2014

Health and nutrition related information are two important topics for US consumers, but recently there has been an increasing interest in food production and sustainability.