Blog entry | Sep 28 2017

Wake up, check the weather, get dressed and maybe grab some light breakfast. Lace up your shoes and out the door you go.

Blog entry | May 02 2017

While training for my first marathon, I had heard the term “hitting the wall” in long distance running, but of course, I thought that it would never happen to me.

Blog entry | Aug 15 2016

With the Olympics in full swing, we had the opportunity to sit down with two-time Olympic swimmer Gideon Louw to see how he uses nutrition to fuel him through training, competing, and recovery.

Blog entry | Aug 08 2016

Whether you are an Olympic athlete or just starting an exercise routine, there are a variety of nutrients that play an important role in reaching your health and fitness goals.

Blog entry | Jan 27 2016

What many people don’t know is that your fitness performance and what you eat are connected. Your diet can have a huge effect on your exercise.

Blog entry | Nov 03 2015

While fats and carbohydrates often take center stage in media articles, the third dietary macronutrient, protein, has become somewhat of the forgotten child, often taking a backseat to their more "

Blog entry | Oct 27 2015

Good news: contrary to scary news masquerading itself as fact, there is room for sugar in a healthful diet!

Blog entry | Aug 27 2015

Your alarm goes off earlier than usual, and there’s no time to lose. You gulp down a glass of water, lace up your shoes, and go.

Blog entry | Jul 16 2015

Round bellies, jiggling thighs, world-class athletes. Sounds out of place?

Article | Feb 19 2015

FREE Approved Course for 0.1 Continuing Education Credit from the American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Blog entry | Feb 10 2015

Recently the Washington Post published an article by Jim Plunkett: “

Blog entry | Jan 22 2015

Protein. It’s perhaps the most discussed macronutrient for gym buffs everywhere. There is a ton of questionable information about protein out there, so it can be hard to find accurate information.