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This is the second installment of a new video series in partnership with Osmosis, a group that focuses on health science education, high

Blog entry | Sep 19 2017

Healthy Aging Month is a great time to consider how beliefs and beha

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Blog entry | Jan 17 2017

When it comes to weight management, eating some foods may be more beneficial for you than others.

Blog entry | Sep 13 2016

For this "Try It Tuesday," I decided to experiment with my fluid intake. I love being active, but I often find myself feeling tired or suffering from a dull headache in the middle of the day.

Blog entry | Sep 01 2016

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and it’s been a long, hot summer.

Blog entry | Aug 05 2016

The air is abuzz with excitement as the Summer Olympics get underway.

Blog entry | Jan 27 2016

What many people don’t know is that your fitness performance and what you eat are connected. Your diet can have a huge effect on your exercise.

Article | Jul 31 2015

With temperatures sitting above 90, I am reaching for my water bottle after my morning running and not stopping until I crash into bed. I am a big fan of plain, delicious water.

Blog entry | Jul 13 2015

 birthday-sprint-triathlonWhen I was

Blog entry | Aug 27 2012

My recent summer travels have reminded me of one very important thing; one of the most critical daily goals for us all is proper hydration.

Article | Mar 08 2010

Your kidneys never rest. They're constantly at work filtering extra water and other substances from your blood to make urine.

Article | Jan 24 2010

Hydration BrochureThis publication addresses the common misperception that caffeine causes