Blog entry | Sep 23 2015

Going “Back to Basics” This Food Safety Education Month

Blog entry | Sep 22 2015

A study published in Obesity compared two groups of people in a 12-week weight loss program to figure out the impact of low-calorie sweetened beverages.

Blog entry | Sep 08 2015

There is so much chatter out there surrounding dietary fats. One headline will tout the need to completely remove fat from the diet while another will plead to bring butter back.

Blog entry | Aug 26 2015

I love going to conferences. There's so much to learn and so many experts to learn from. Recently, I learned that that not everyone understands that not all research is created equal.

Blog entry | Aug 12 2015

Several studies published recently in reputable scientific journals point to evidence that low-calorie sweeteners can be a part of an overall weight management plan. 

Blog entry | Aug 10 2015

To celebrate this campaign season, we're sharing "campaign" posters for some of our favorite nutrient-powered foods.

Blog entry | Aug 06 2015

Fresh fruit, crusty bread, tuna, yogurt, chocolate. We put a value on every food we come across, and it isn’t just about whether that food is nutritious.

Blog entry | Aug 04 2015

From the scientific studies to the variety of tastes, this infographic breaks down the essentials about low-calorie sweeteners, especially for those with diabetes or trying to lose weight!

Media | Aug 03 2015

We all know quinoa is laden with sugar precursors (...carbs). But it's a bit of a mystery as to what it does to your body.

Article | Jul 31 2015

Looking for a protein-packed breakfast or a filling afternoon mini-meal? Check out these ideas to add protein to your favorite whole grain snacks. 

Blog entry | Jul 30 2015

To celebrate this campaign season, we're sharing campaign posters for some of our favorite nutrient-powered foods.

Blog entry | Jul 29 2015

Check out this infographic on the latest study showing that low-calorie sweetened beverages help dieters keep weight off.

Blog entry | Jul 22 2015

If you've dug into the first infographic in our series, you've already got the basics about protein pairing.

Blog entry | Jul 16 2015

Science is about focused, objective analysis, independent questions, and nuanced answers.