Blog entry | Jul 22 2015

If you've dug into the first infographic in our series, you've already got the basics about protein pairing.

Blog entry | Jul 16 2015

Science is about focused, objective analysis, independent questions, and nuanced answers.

Blog entry | Jul 13 2015

We hear about fad diets everywhere. Morning shows, celebrity books, overly enthusiastic extended family members.

Blog entry | Jul 08 2015

How much money you make could influence how you buy and think about food.

Blog entry | Jul 07 2015

You can balance diabetes and a sweet tooth. Find out how low-calorie sweeteners can be a helpful tool:


Blog entry | Jun 25 2015

Get a snapshot on how low-calorie sweeteners can make splurges more sensible for those with diabetes or watching their calories.


Blog entry | Jun 18 2015

Almost 6 in 10 Americans rate themselves as either in very good or excellent health, but over half of the Americans who rated themselves as either in very good or excellent health are overweight or

Blog entry | Jun 04 2015

Nearly two-thirds of Americans have thought about whether their foods and beverages are produced in an environmentally sustainable way.

Blog entry | May 26 2015

How do Americans prioritize their health? Check out the consumer survey data! See how Americans would use extra time and extra money, and how much time they spend on their meals.


Blog entry | May 07 2015

To celebrate this campaign season, we're sharing campaign posters for some of our favorite nutrient-powered foods.

Blog entry | Apr 20 2015

If you're like us, you've probably come across several people who are opposed to so-called "genetically modified organisms," or GMOs.

Blog entry | Feb 19 2015

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) has released their report. But what does this mean? Are these the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans?

Blog entry | Feb 02 2015

Research has confirmed that the type of fat we eat is more important than how much we eat. But which fats are the healthiest, and where can we find them?