Blog entry | Apr 15 2015

Happy Tax Day everyone!

Blog entry | Apr 14 2015

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has stirred up more nutri

Blog entry | Mar 25 2015

Are you falling asleep mid-task, having trouble concentrating on conversations, or wanting to take a mid-afternoon nap at your desk?

Blog entry | Mar 23 2015

UPDATE 4/2: We have our Misguided Madness Championship winner!

Blog entry | Mar 17 2015

Why do we eat the way that we do?

Blog entry | Mar 16 2015

It’s about that time…

Blog entry | Mar 12 2015

Spring is on its way and now’s a good time to dust off your New Year’s resolutions, with a little help from a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN).

Blog entry | Jan 29 2015

You probably thought you could escape all of the “Deflategate” drama surrounding the Super Bowl by reading a food and nutrition blog.

Blog entry | Jan 05 2015

Does having access to unlimited information make it easier for consumers to be informed or does it lead to more confusion?

Article | Nov 18 2014

Protein is a “hot topic” in the news and there is plenty of scientific research on the benefits of protein to warrant the attention.

Blog entry | Oct 31 2014

With food trends constantly changing, there’s always something new on the horizon.  Is seems like the focus recently has been on kale, quinoa, and Greek yogurt but new foods are making their way in

Press Release | Oct 27 2014

Can a single number sum up your food?

Article | Oct 15 2014

Scientists and consumers alike are asking, “What is the deal with fat?” Research has confirmed that the type of fat we eat is more important than how much we eat.