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Blog entry | Jan 04 2016

Can’t find time for exercise in your tight schedule? Then we have good news for you: Shorter workouts can still burn plenty of calories and make you fitter. Does it sound too good to be true?

Blog entry | Dec 15 2015

In honor of the holidays, the FoodInsight team is counting down their favorite tips for 12 days of healthy living. Sing along and give yourself the gift of health this season!

Blog entry | Nov 23 2015

winter-is-coming-exerciseBirds are flying south.

Blog entry | Sep 24 2015

There is no question that exercise is healthy.

Blog entry | Sep 21 2015

I can’t think of any better goal than a healthy family. But making that goal a priority means more than just putting it at the top of your list – it means taking action. Literally!

Blog entry | Aug 10 2015

The science on calorie balance is compelling, but the perception is still surprisingly hazy.

Blog entry | Jul 13 2015

You finally did it! You’ve got a date scheduled. Look at you!

Blog entry | Apr 27 2015

The air is warm and welcoming. Flowers are full of color.  It is spring! After a long, cold winter, it is time to get outside!

Blog entry | Feb 10 2015

Recently the Washington Post published an article by Jim Plunkett: “

Blog entry | Dec 30 2014

Keeping Resolutions: Stop, Drop, and Control Your Diet

Blog entry | Sep 10 2014

I'm a sports fan. Let me rephrase that. I'm fanatical about sports: all sports. I'm also a registered dietitian.

Media | Aug 18 2014

Sarah Romotsky, RD, speaks with Liz Caselli-Mechael about tips on how kids can stay physically active, even after summer break ends and they head back to school.