Safe Food Handling

Blog entry | Jul 09 2015

Thank you, Ariana Grande, stalwart guardian of the food supply, exposer of foods left … exposed.

Blog entry | Apr 07 2015

It’s been said that food is the universal language. We all eat it, cook it, prepare it, and want it to be safe-no matter our country of origin.

Blog entry | Sep 30 2014

Megan Smith, @meganmichel33, University of Maryland Dietetic Intern 

Blog entry | Sep 24 2014

Megan Smith, @meganmichel33, University of Maryland Dietetic Intern

Blog entry | Sep 19 2014

Odd title, I know, but I think you will get the gist of what I’m talking about… food safety!

Blog entry | Sep 15 2014


Blog entry | Sep 15 2014

Amelia Kermis MPH CHES, Food Safety Education Staff, Food Safety Inspection Service, USDA

Blog entry | Sep 10 2014

Ever worry about food poisoning, or keeping food safe? Here are 4 simple steps to making sure your food is safe to eat. 

Event | Aug 19 2014

The International Food Information Council Foundation presents…

Kanny Kitchen: Food Safety Basics for a Hectic Life

Blog entry | Dec 15 2011

By: Dr. Christine Bruhn, University of California, Davis Date: 12/16/11