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Blog entry | Aug 04 2015

From the scientific studies to the variety of tastes, this infographic breaks down the essentials about low-calorie sweeteners, especially for those with diabetes or trying to lose weight!

Blog entry | Jul 16 2015

Science is about focused, objective analysis, independent questions, and nuanced answers.

Blog entry | Jul 01 2015

The latest headlines could definitely make us panic about having the occasional soda.

Blog entry | Jun 22 2015

When you see a headline touting exaggerated or unsupported claims, it’s easy to blame the media. While media can be one part of the problem, there are other parts of the process in play.

Blog entry | Jun 18 2015


Blog entry | Jan 15 2015

New year, new research. The Journal of the American Medical Association released a new study this week on whole grains.

Blog entry | Jan 02 2015

When we read about the latest study on red meat, performed at UC San Diego and published in the Proceeding

Blog entry | Jan 02 2015

Whenever a new study comes out that makes some big health conclusions, we like to put it through the wringer, using the Intern

Blog entry | Jul 21 2014

Consumers have long been aware of the relationship between nutrition and health.