Blog entry | Mar 02 2018

Here at the IFIC Foundation and across the internet, we’re seeing, reading and writing more and more about personalized nutriti

Blog entry | Jan 26 2018

Potassium – how could I live without you? Well, the answer is…I couldn’t. Potassium is essential to life.

Blog entry | Mar 08 2017

Hardly a month goes by without a new nutrition research study capturing headlines.

Blog entry | Aug 10 2016

Recently, the U.S.

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Today, the U.S.

Blog entry | Sep 09 2015

grade-a-school-lunch-appleIt’s back to school time, and as a dietitian and a mom o

Blog entry | Jun 30 2015

Sixteen years ago, I curled up on the couch with my father and grandfather. We cheered and cheered as Julie Foudy captained the US women’s team to the championship.

Blog entry | Aug 15 2014

By the very nature of science, new research and new discoveries can complicate the quest for what might be considered a definitive “truth.” This is especially important when it comes to food and nu

Blog entry | Oct 21 2012

By: Katrina Levine, IFIC Intern and MPH/RD candidate at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  Date: 10/22/12

Article | Nov 09 2011

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