Webinar: Hot Off the Presses! Evaluating the Evidence Behind Today's Nutrition Media Headlines

AND webinar

August 27, 2015, 1:00-2:30 pm ET
CPE Hours: 1.5

Hosted by:
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are nutrition experts trained in evidence-based practice. Today's food and nutrition environment demands that RDNs also be skilled translators of scientific evidence to the public—a challenging task given the daily barrage of media headlines reporting on the latest research study. Therefore, it's imperative that RDNs continually hone their critical thinking and communication skills.

Case studies will be highlighted showing how research has evolved over time and why researchers, practitioners and the general public can come to different conclusions when considering the same body of literature and the resulting confusion this creates. The role of media in widening the gap between scientific evidence and public rhetoric will also be discussed. This webinar will examine the interpretation of research findings, motivate RDNs to think more critically and offer techniques and resources to better understand and address the latest evidence in nutrition science.

Learning Objectives

  • Critically analyze media reporting on peer-reviewed literature articles
  • ​Discuss the balance of scientific evidence that exists on current topics of debate within the field of nutrition
  • Implement best practices for maintaining an evidence-based profession


Andrew W. Brown, PhD
Scientist, Office of Energetics & Nutrition Obesity Research Center

The University of Alabama at Birmingham 

Dr. Brown is a Scientist with the Office of Energetics and Nutrition Obesity Research Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Formally trained in nutrition, biochemistry, and statistics, he brings practical, basic science experience to evaluating how nutrition research is conducted and communicated. His recent work involves investigating myths and presumptions in nutrition and obesity literature, meta-analyzing studies about nutritional influences on obesity, characterizing reporting practices that may perpetuate nutrition misinformation, and crowdsourcing the synthesis of published research. Dr. Brown has received local, regional, and national awards and spoken internationally about integrity in research reporting and science communication with respect to nutrition research. 

Moderator: Kris Sollid, RD, Director, Nutrients Communications, International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC)