International Food Information Organizations (FIOs) Unite to Support World Consumer Rights Day

As an international organization that works to promote scientific information to consumers about food, health, nutrition and food safety, we couldn’t let World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) go by without a mention. WCRD is on March 15, and one of its core goals is to promote the basic rights of all consumers. This year, the use of animal antibiotics is an issue of importance.

What does WCRD mean to the international community? To help answer that question, leaders from the Food Information Organizations (FIOs) shared their insights. The FIOs are a global group of independent organizations in seven world regions. Each of us has specialized knowledge on communicating food and health issues in our part of the world.  We share insights and expertise to promote a better understanding of the global food supply so that consumers around the world can make informed food choices.

China Food Information Center

“Consumers have great desire to live a healthy and happy life.  Providing accessible, appealing and science-based information on food safety and nutrition to the public and helping consumers to be better informed when choosing a well-balanced, safe and healthful diet is the mission of CFIC, China.”  - Professor Junshi Chen

Council for Food Safety and Nutrition Information (Argentina)

“Consumer´s rights are at the very foundation of FIOs' purpose, as the right to have solid, reliable information about food is essential to make sensible decisions and counteract pseudoscience, scaremongering and misinformation, which can have negative impacts on individual and public health.”  - Dr. Silvio Schraier, CISAN, Argentina

Latin American Food Information Council (Mexico)

"Consumers have the right to be able to get serious and reliable information.  CLIA shares, with the consumers, scientific information on nutrition and food-related topics, so that they can make the best decisions according to their circumstances."  - Dr. Laura Martinell, Latin American Food Information Council


European Food Information Council

“Providing accessible, appealing and actionable science-based information on food and health to the people is at the core of what EUFIC does.  Antibiotic resistance has been a key topic for communication for EUFIC for several years. We aim to increase public awareness and understanding of the issue of antibiotic resistance by providing clear and accessible information to both scientists and non-scientists. For example, our Q&As and infographic provide the answers to the questions: What is antibiotic resistance? How does it occur? And what can we all do to prevent it spreading? For people who want to know more, our written articles provide more in-depth information on the issue.” - Dr. Laura Fernandez, Director General, European Food Information Council

Food Advisory Consumer Service (South Africa) 

“World Consumer Rights Day is important to the Food Advisory Consumer Service of South Africa because it presents a focused opportunity to remind consumers worldwide where to find factually correct information on food safety and health issues.”  - Owen Frisby, Executive Director, FACS

International Food Information Council (USA)

“We have established partnerships with a wide range of credible professional organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions to advance the public understanding of key issues.  We share and exchange education materials with Food Information Organizations and partners around the world.”  - Kimberly Reed, J.D., CAE, President, IFIC Foundation and Senior Vice President of International Relations and Membership, IFIC

New Zealand Nutrition Foundation

“The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation believes that New Zealanders and all consumers should have access to accurate information to enable them to make informed choices about food and the effect it has on their health.”  - Sue Pollard, CEO, NZNF

FIOs provide a credible voice, making the science of food and health understandable for consumers.  We don’t lobby regulators, nor do we lobby consumers or petition the industry.  We provide the same expert information to all, and we encourage all to make their own informed decisions based on the best and most credible information available.

Join us in celebrating consumers’ rights, today and every day!